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Hello soul family! I'm Alyssa Hammond. I'm a spiritual life coach and biz mentor for earth angels. I'm also a passionate dog foster mom from sunny San Diego, California!

I believe your unique skills can serve the world & make you wealthy!

I'm here to offer you unconditional support as you navigate transforming your life into one of complete ease + fun while making the abundance to support all your dreams.


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Vasva Omanovic

Alyssa was my mentor for a few months and I LOVED working with her. I don't feel like anyone understands me the way Alyssa does in regards to business, life, and spirituality mixed all together. She's an amazing mentor, coach, friend, and person,
I highly recommend her.

client love

You know Alyssa is a genuine person from the second you meet her. Then women she connected me with felt like family from our first call, and I can always count on them for advice, a listening ear, and new knowledge on topics I may or not have ever heard about before.

You have a cashmere personality. You're just cozy, comfortable, and luxurious, and you don't push me to do anything I don't want to do. And I love that.


Sam Pollack

You’re like my guide, giving structure to my creative ideas which is amazing and so helpful. I love that you type it out, organize it, see where it fits and tweak my ideas so that they flow for my business.

Liz barnes

I hold space

I help brainstorm

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spirit guides

i connect people

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Sacred Space means a deeply intentional, open, non-judgmental space where you can lay your biggest challenges on the floor to be healed and integrated.

I collaborate and coach you through your business + life ideas so you gain momentum quick!

I work with the spiritual family of light-beings that are assisting you here on Earth, and I teach you how to tap into their loving guidance for your heart-centered goals!

I connect Earth Angels with other Earth Angels in my trusted circle that can help each other create big impact in our world.

Earth angels

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When working together, I don’t sugar coat things. I state the truth with so much LOVE and WITHOUT judgment. I will help you find your truth and become the person you were meant to be. I want to know what your current biggest challenges are and match you to something that will serve you, whether that means working with me or being referred to another heart-centered coach. In my containers, I work closely with the earth angels so I get to know you personally. By the end of our time together, you will not only have transformed to a new level of ease, love, and wealth, but you will also have a friend for life in me.