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Hi! I’m Alyssa Hammond, a life coach specializing in money.

After a few years of working in a fast-paced corporate job in advertising sales, I realized that money wasn’t everything and I started to question my purpose. I’ve always loved helping people find solutions for their issues, and my life changed completely after 3 different people told me in a 48-hour period that I should become a life coach. Once I educated myself on what exactly a life coach does, I realized it was my dream job.

So for months on end, I spent every spare minute doing research on life coaching. I watched webinars, read books, and invested every penny I had saved for a 10-day European vacation into an 8-month intensive course at the Martha Beck Institute (Beck is one of the most well-known life coaches, and writes a column for Oprah's O Magazine) so that I could become the best life coach possible for my clients. And now I've been coaching since early 2017 and absolutely loving helping women take control of their money and empowering them to take life by the balls.



I believe that you were sent to my page for a reason. I hope we can work together to determine why we were brought into one another's lives, and I'm looking forward to meeting you! 



What is a 'life coach'? 'Life coach' is a generic term for a person who counsels and encourages clients on their personal challenges. The way I like to say it -> I'm basically your unbiased, no-bullshit bestie who will pump you up, tell you when you're wrong, and always help you see the bigger picture in whatever you're struggling with. Long story short, I help you get 'unstuck'

Why I love coaching:  Simply put, I feel called by the universe to do it. It gives me more energy than 10 cups of coffee whenever I have a session with a client. I LOVE helping people get closer to their purpose and their authentic, true self!

If you're ready to shed negative thought patterns & bring your happiness to the next level, then coaching is for you! My job as your life coach is to help you find a path to become the person you've dreamed of being, the person that you've always known you could be if the situation was right. The best part about coaching is that everything is centered around you- what do you need to work on? What would you like to uncover in your life? That’s where we’ll start.

My style of coaching: I can't stand the politically correct beating-around-the-bush nonsense. I don't sugar coat things, I state the truth. My clients say that they find it refreshing, especially in a world where people are often too scared to give one another honest feedback. I promise to say exactly what I mean, so that you can be true to yourself and the healing can begin! I think with a little love, you can do great things.

My promise: I will never bullshit you. I will help you find your truth and become the person you were meant to be. I won't let you back down or flake out! And I'll provide you constant love, encouragement, and will absolutely not judge you. This is your journey, it is not my place to tell you what's right for you. 


Don't be shy. Shoot me an email at, I'd love to hear from you!