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7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Mindset

From time to time, we all get sucked into believing that we have been dealt an especially difficult hand of cards. When struggling to get in touch with appreciation and gratitude for the life we’ve been given.

  1. Write 1 happy thing each day- Start a daily journal and write down one thing that brought you joy.  For each day of the year, mark at the top of the page the day and the month, and as your first entry, write the year and what brought you joy. For example, mark the top of the page with “January 1,” and as your first entry, write “2019- Boss gave me a shoutout during our company meeting.” Some days will be rough and you will feel like there isn’t anything good to reflect on, but focus on the good pieces from the day, even if it's that you got a compliment on your outfit, or you started binge watching a new series on Netflix. Then, in future years on that day, you can reflect back on what happened that day in previous years. It’s an instant pick-me-up.

  2. Announce your love of the little things- Science shows that saying things aloud stimulates the part of our brain that makes us believe something. Saying something aloud not only puts us in a good mood and makes us happier, but it also makes the people around us happy, which in turn makes them want to be around us more. For 1 week, try announcing when you see or experience something you like, like walking outside and exclaiming “what a gorgeous day!” or telling a friend “I’m so glad we got together, I’ve missed you!” and notice how others will naturally flock to you. People like to be around positive people.

  3. Take mental photographs- Living in such a digital age, where everyone is attached to their phones, it can be hard to ‘unplug’ and fully immerse yourself in what’s going on. So, if you’re with a group of friends you haven’t seen in awhile, take a group picture when you first get together, and then ask everyone to put their phones away so you can truly catch up. After those initial pics, take mental photographs so that you can reflect on these happy memories from “the good ol’ days.” Promise me you won’t be that group of girls at the bar where every. single. person. is buried in their phone, k?

  4. Give compliments- When you give a compliment, you'll be surprised how many you receive. Compliments don’t just have to be about superficial things like hair or clothes, in fact, I would urge you to focus on compliments stemming from deeper aspects. “I love those shoes!” may make someone’s morning, but hearing “You always know what to say to make me feel better” will make someone’s week.

  5. Spread love- The answer is always love. Want more friends? Focus all your energy on being a source of non-judgmental love, and you will attract all sorts of people. The energy you put out into the world will come back to you tenfold, and no one ever looked back on their life and said “I wish I let more people knew how much I disliked them.”

  6. Acknowledge your feelings and let them drift away- We are entitled to have any & all emotions without guilt. Thoughts and feelings are not the issue, acting on those thoughts and feelings is what causes turmoil. So instead of running from the things that plague us, feel them, acknowledge them, allow yourself to explore why you’re feeling this way, and then let it drift away. Alternatively, you can get in the shower and imagine your negative thoughts, attitudes, and emotions are rinsing down the drain.

  7. Keep things in perspective- This is probably the most important concept on this list. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in our own self pity, especially in an age where the majority of the people we follow on social media are giving off the perception that they live the “dream life.”