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No Bullshit Money: The Basics & Beyond

- Starts Sept 2019 -

A few quick notes about this 3-MONTH group program

  • This is an extremely limited offer, please fill out the form below as quickly as possible as this program can only accept the first 15 applicants

  • In an effort to create a safe space where all participants can freely express themselves, this group will be limited to only women

  • After the application has been filled out, Alyssa will be in contact to let you know if you were one of the first 15 women to apply. By filling out the application, you are not legally bound to any contracts or to pay Alyssa any amount of money

  • You will need a (free) Facebook account in order to access the trainings and participate in group conversations

  • This is open to all women (you don’t have to be an entrepreneur like in my True Wealth Mastermind!)


What’s Included in your package:

  • 3 private 1:1 calls with Alyssa

    • To discuss questions specific to your situation & focus on any areas you’re feeling stuck

    • 45 minutes per session, 1 session per month

  • 2 live trainings per month with Q&A

    • 7-8:30pm ET on the 2nd & last Thursday evenings of each month

    • All training replays will be accessible through the private Facebook group

    • In-depth trainings on the 9 topics below (6 live trainings, 3 bonus trainings will be uploaded as a video)

    • All live trainings will include a ‘questions & answers’ portion

  • Access to a private Facebook group specifically for this program, where you can:

    • Meet the other women in this community- many of the women in round 1 of this group have met their new best friends!

    • Share your wins & a safe space to talk about your struggles

    • Ask questions when you get stuck

    • Re-watch trainings

  • Access to the same budgeting & debt payoff sheets that private VIP clients receive


TOPICS covered:

Week 1: Mindset & Understanding Your Money Beliefs

Week 2: Budgeting

Week 3: Cutting Costs & Increasing Income

Week 4: Savings & Bank Accounts

Week 5: Ditching Debt

Week 6: Money Tips & Tricks

Bonus lesson #1: Credit Cards 101

Bonus lesson #2: Getting Your Partner On Board

Bonus lesson #3: Manifesting Money 101



Results you can expect:

  1. A community of 15 sisters in the same phase of life who support & encourage you

  2. My eyes on your money, you have unlimited access to me through the facebook group

  3. A reboot of your mindset

  4. Journal prompts to address your shadows

  5. A clear, simple, personalized budgeting sheet

  6. An attainable, realistic, and exciting plan for getting out of debt

  7. A new friend (me!) who will basically be your unbiased no-bullshit bestie

  8. Tons of ways to save up to pay IN CASH for that vacation you've been daydreaming about

  9. A real, actual emergency fund with real, actual money in it

  10. The ability to live the rest of your life without relying on credit cards

  11. A starter plan for saving for retirement

  12. Excel docs with your monthly expenses and debts so that you can easily keep track of your spending & saving

  13. The ability to make smart financial decisions on your own

  14. The knowledge to know how to read your body to know when its a good idea to purchase something

  15. Unlimited access to all trainings


here’s the pricing.

Two payment options to enroll with these benefits:

-Private 1 on 1 calls just you & me (3 calls over 3 months)

-6 live trainings with Q&A over 3 months

-Unlimited lifetime access to my blueprint to wealth course, Grown-Up’s Guide to Money

-3 brand new bonus lessons on credit cards, getting your partner on board & manifesting

-A private Facebook community (lifetime access)

-Access to budgeting & debt payoff sheets that only my VIP clients receive

Payment Options:

1.) 3 monthly payments of $666 USD

2.) Pay in full $1,777 USD

I highly recommend Alyssa as your money coach!
I was having a lot of organization issues with my money and not tracking it the way I should and she was able to help me understand how to keep track the correct way and how to have everything set up so that I don’t keep having those issues. I loved the group training so much because it makes you realize that you aren’t alone and other people are also having the same issues and questions that you are having. I’m so excited to pay down the debt I have and have my savings account ready for any trip or emergency that comes my way!! So if you are looking for a coach, Alyssa is your girl and can help you get your money in gear!
— -Kasey D., 1st round of No Bullshit Money
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So, are you ready to join us and finally win with money?



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