Become a VIP Life Coaching Client


Who am i as a life coach? 

I'm basically your no-bullshit bestie who will pump you up when you need it, and hold you accountable to your goals so we can get you unstuck

Life coaching

I know how it feels to have unhealthy thought patterns, to have toxic friends and family, or well-meaning friends that give awful, biased advice. I also know how wonderful it is to prosper after shedding the negative life-sucking thoughts that demand a lot of your attention. I know what its like to be in love with an absolutely amazing person, and how refreshing it can be to know that you chose quality over quantity in regards to friendship. My life is truly so much better now after working with coaches, having someone hold me accountable, and challenging my negative beliefs. You can have the same thing!

 This program is for you if you:

  • Need someone who will lovingly tell you what you REALLY need to hear, be your biggest supporter, and hold you accountable

  • Want to work through negative viewpoints that shape the way you view the world

  • Are having trouble feeling worthy of the great things that you see other people enjoying

  • Want to work on making your life & relationships better

  • Need someone unbiased who you can spill your soul to, and have real, actionable steps you can take to get unstuck

  • Want to shed your self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs

  • Need help figuring out what you want/ aren't sure of the next steps in your life

This program is not for you if:

  • You won't talk about your feelings

  • You aren't willing to dig deep into your thoughts and desires

  • You don't want your negative beliefs challenged

  • You aren't ready to make a bi-weekly time commitment

  • You don't want to commit to the financial investment of working with a coach


  • A welcome packet that includes forms to fill out so that we can start our sessions and get down to the nitty gritty

  • (8) 50-minute call or skype sessions to work together to get you unstuck

  • A detailed notes document, where we track our calls and the progress you've made

  • Sessions will occur bi-weekly

  • Unlimited access to chat with me through voxer in between sessions



What if my goals change in the middle of the program? No problem! We will be working together for multiple months, so its not uncommon for new things to pop up that may change your goals. My job is to customize the coaching experience to fit your needs, so we can adjust the plan as many times as needed. 

Do you offer a guarantee? While most coaches do not offer a money-back guarantee, I do. I believe in this program so much that if you do the work, commit to your goals, and are unsatisfied with the work we've done, I'll give you your money back.



Payments Accepted: Debit and Credit Cards