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The Wealthy Fempreneur Mastermind

A 6 month group and private coaching hybrid program to accelerate your wealth and confidence around money


Let’s be real for a sec.

You’re spending SO MUCH money on your biz


You’re bringing in a lot of money too.

But you don’t have a plan for it, so you may as well not be making any money at all (because it’s going right back out the door)

Imagine how it would change your life to spend 6 months learning how to run your biz & money like a fuggin CEO?!

Tell me if this sounds familiar

  • You make a lot of money but still feel tight on cash

  • You’re anxious because you’ll make a $5k or $10k month and then nothing for a while

  • You’re nervous to invest in the things you know you & your business need because you don’t have the proper financial safety nets in place

  • You wish you could have a CFO for your business that can teach you how to make & spend your money using a proper strategy

  • You’re interested in drawing in more money but have a feeling you’re blocking the extra income


Hi, I’m Alyssa

I’m a wealth coach for female entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their money and mindset. I LOVE to teach women the tactical & magical aspects of money so that they can turn their income into true wealth.

Nowadays, I make investments in my business paid in full. I invest in whatever I desire & still have plenty leftover in savings. I sleep well at night knowing that I have everything automated so that I can pay bills, save for the future, and live my dream lifestyle without having to put much thought into it. Things are simple now. But it wasn’t always like this.

In college, I was a bonafide shopaholic with zero plans for my money. Money came in and immediately went back out. Eventually I got tired of my own bullshit. When I started my money journey 7 years ago, I couldn’t find anyone who could teach me about money in an interesting way without using complicated financial jargon. I wanted someone to simplify money for me so that I could keep what I make, increase my earnings, and create a really bomb life. And now I thoroughly enjoy showing my clients how to make money simple. Building wealth doesn’t have to be hard, anxiety-inducing, confusing, or mind-numbingly boring.

I’ve used the techniques I teach my clients everyday to personally ditch over $300k in debt, buy & renovate 2 houses, pay off my car in <6 months, knock out my husband’s student loans, and travel at least once a month for the past 3 years.

My mission in life is to show women that a truly easy and wealthy life is our birthright! And I’m here to help create more female millionaires & billionaires. Are you one of them?

Is this you?

  • Anxious because you aren’t sure you have enough in savings

  • Constantly wondering the best ways to handle your newfound income

  • Concerned you’re not setting enough aside for taxes

  • Wishing someone could just make money easy for you

  • Wanting a group of badass, fearless industry leaders to assist you in growing your biz

Basically, you’re tired of fucking around with your money.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to help.

Who this mastermind is for

Women in their first 3 years of business who are ready to uplevel their mindset and leverage all the money their biz is bringing in.

This program is for you if you want a money expert all up in your biz & personal finances for 6 months, you’re wanting someone who has gone through some shit to show you how to avoid the same issues, and you desire to have a high-vibe group of friendly like-minded female biz owners for an extended period of time

I’m looking for women who are ready to finally address their money issues head on. So if you aren’t ready to show up & support other women, commit to putting in the work, or if you’re attached to your excuses, this mastermind is not for you!

The short-term financial investment into money coaching doesn’t even compare to the financial freedom I’ll see in my future because of her help. Alyssa has given me the confidence and knowledge to continue this momentum and is always reminding me to reward myself for every goal accomplished, big and small.
— Cait Rhodes

Why a mastermind?

As my mastermind coach put it —> its basically a private coaching experience in a group setting

  • 6-months of being in an energetic space with like-minded women

  • Imagine how awesome your mindset would be if you started every day with love & encouragement from other boss babes who understand you & your struggles?!

  • Many women like masterminds more than private coaching because of the feedback & community created within the group. Everyone learns from one another

  • You have a bunch of people who know your biz very well & can recommend you to their clients

What’s included in The Wealthy Fempreneur Mastermind

  • Group hot-seat coaching 2x/month ($3,000 value)

  • 6 monthly private 1:1 intensives with Alyssa ($4,500 value)

  • In-person boujee RETREAT somewhere warm ($2,000 value)

  • Unlimited Voxer access to Alyssa for 6 months ($4,800 value)

  • Industry-leading guest speakers each month to teach about scaling your biz ($4,200 value)

  • Private intensive between you & Alyssa’s personal psychic Daniela ($150 value)

  • Lifetime access to Alyssa’s money course ($1,500 value)

  • Private Facebook group & Voxer group to celebrate each other ($300 value)

  • 6 months spent upleveling with like-minded, energetically supportive women (priceless)

Total Value: $20,450

Before working with Alyssa, I was making good money in my business, and piling all of it in my checking account. Investments, bills, traveling & taxes were all mixed together and I was always anxious about what I needed to save vs what I was able to spend. But after enlisting in Alyssa’s help, the anxiety was washed away. She helped simplify money & make it fun, which was a missing part of the puzzle!
— Rachel Spencer
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Industry-Leading Guest Speakers for the Mastermind


Karrie Brady- High Ticket Sales Expert

What she'll be teaching you: 4 simple sales tweaks to double your conversions

Why you'll love her: She's my go-to person when I need to tweak my content to be more clear/appeal to my ideal audience. She fixes problems in a matter of seconds that I've been stressing over for days.


Daniela Solis- Alyssa's Personal & Biz Psychic

What she'll be teaching you: Using your body & intuition to make biz decisions

Why you'll love her: She leads you to a place of healing & empowerment without telling you what to do. She has this confidence that it will all be ok- and makes you believe it too. Daniela has impacted my biz so much that I bought a private intensive with Daniela for each of my mastermind girls!


Lauren Taylar- Website Design & SEO Expert

What she'll be teaching you: The 4 aspects of a highly converting website

Why you'll love her: Lauren is a gentle soul who knows her shit. She has helped my website SO MUCH (I would've paid big bucks just for the info she gave me during 1 of her free website audits!) I cant wait for you to have her assistance in creating your own killer website!


Rachel Spencer- Biz Coach

What she'll be teaching you: How to define your own personal *it* factor

Why you'll love her: Besides being my biz bestie, this girl knows her way around building a profitable biz. Rachel is behind a large portion of my major business breakthroughs and her help defining my *it * factor is what has helped my wealth coaching biz explode!


Madison Tinder- Marketing Coach

What she'll be teaching you: How to use IG & video to book out your program

Why you'll love her: Madison's biz has absolutely exploded this year, using her own techniques to market herself and teach her clients how to sell their offerings online. She's booked out her programs exclusively through video and she's here to teach you how to do the same!


Rachael Kay Albers- Design & Branding Expert

What she'll be teaching you: A beautiful brand won’t save you, 5 psychological tactics to attract your dream clients

Why you'll love her: Rachael is my trusted brand confidant because she A) is absolutely hilarious , check out her videos B) labels herself the "one woman SNL of biz comedy" and C) teaches you how to build YOUR OWN brand while being absolutely authentic to who you are

Your investment for the 6 month mastermind

You pay: $18,450

Pay in Full: $5,555 (I know, I WAY undercharged for this first round. It won’t be this cost-efficient for the April mastermind- better move quick!)


6 monthly payments of $1,111

Curious about the pricing? I’m obsessed with angel numbers. Don’t worry- I’ll teach you all about them during the mastermind. How perfect is it that you’ll save $1,111 by paying in full?! I’m obsessed

Alyssa is truly the “No nonsense BFF” that I’ve always needed. She has truly helped me reframe how I view my finances and grasp my full potential when it comes to handling them. Now when I have extra money handy, I view it as opportunities for my future, when in the past I’d view it as fun spending money for impulse purchases.
— Emily Grubbs
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At the beginning of the this year, after a lifetime of haphazard/unhealthy money habits and mistakes, I was ready for a change and ready to hire Alyssa to help me. In addition to helping me get organized, set goals, and stay accountable to my goals, she helped me communicate more effectively with my partner and helped me gain clarity in my business. She is a real person who cares about the people she serves, and it shines through her work. I am lucky to have called her a coach, and now a friend!
— Krystal Woods
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Here’s what I want for you

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I am ALL about having the right energy in this group, because I want this to be the most massively upleveling & transformative 6 months of your life. So rest assured that every woman in this group will show up ready to support you.

My wish for you is to finally understand money & feel that its simple, so that you can create an abundant mindset, draw in new high-level clients, and live & flourish in a constant state of overflow.

Let’s get you the support you need when making major decisions for your life & biz so you can ditch the anxiety surrounding money. I’m here to help.

So are you ready to take control of your financial destiny?

To fully empower yourself to become a badass with money and call it in so easily that you remain in a constant state of overflow?

Between the live video trainings, 1-1 calls with Alyssa, and the support from the other girls in the group, I’ve learned more about money in the last few months than ever before. As Alyssa has said, this group is a sisterhood. When I have exciting news to share, I immediately post in the group. When I’m down and need some encouragement, I know I can count on the ladies in the group to give me some positive vibes.
— Rachael Stone
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