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Welcome to ‘Grown-Ups Guide to Money: The Shit You Wish You Learned in School’


I have a question for you:

  • Do you find yourself jealously stalking the girls on instagram that get to travel all the time while you’re stuck in a cubicle?

  • Are you avoiding looking at your credit card bill in fear that its gotten a little out of control?

  • Do you wake up every morning with a pit of anxiety in your chest?

  • Are you tired of trying SO HARD to get better with money, but month after month you’re still barely scraping by?

If this is you, you’re in the right place. Hi there! My name is Alyssa, and I am a money coach for women. I’m here to help you finally understand money so that you can create a life of total freedom by paying off debt, saving for big future expenses, and most importantly, traveling! After healing from a shopping addiction, digging myself out of debt, putting my husband through medical school, buying 2 rental properties, and taking 19 trips last year, I am so excited to show you exactly how I turned my life around and became successful with money! My goal is to empower women & to show them that wealth, pleasure and financial freedom is our birthright. I’M HERE TO NORMALIZE BEING FUGGIN RICH & NOT GIVING A SHIT WHO KNOWS IT :)

If you’re digging this vibe, this course is an awesome way to learn everything I teach my one-on-one money clients, and at the lowest price point I’ve ever offered! This course features 8 value-packed modules with easy-to-learn lessons you can watch at your own pace.

This program is for you if you:

  • feel let down by how little the school system & your parents taught you about money

  • want to learn how to finally pay down your student loan & credit card debt that’s been suffocating you

  • dream of taking a vacation that is paid in full before your plane takes off

  • know that you want to be better for your future kiddos

  • like to study at your own pace & re-watch lessons

  • love to color! (each module has 2 or more coloring pages)

  • have tried budgeting but you haven’t been able to stick to it

  • would love to finally have an emergency savings so you can stop relying on your credit cards

  • want someone to teach you exactly how to handle money like an adult

This program is not for you if you:

  • need accountability that you can’t get at home (if that’s the case, check out my private women’s money coaching group)

  • aren’t ready to do the work

  • are attached to your excuses

  • don’t enjoy swearing


  • Lifetime access to my all new self-study course that teaches you all the money shit you wish they taught in High School

  • 8 incredibly helpful modules & 3 highly-valuable bonus lessons

  • Over 20 coloring book pages for all the sassy quotes & mindset lessons I’m going to teach you!

  • 10 phone backgrounds with fun quotes to keep you motivated throughout your money journey

  • Individual lessons in each module that you can check off as you go to mark your progress

  • The ability to purchase a 90-minute intensive with Alyssa at a heavily discounted rate- to discuss questions specific to your situation & focus on any areas you’re feeling stuck

  • Access to a private Facebook group specifically for my money bees who have taken this course, where you can:

    • Meet the other women in this community- I have a feeling you are about to meet some of your new best friends!

    • Share your wins

    • Ask questions when you get stuck

  • Access to the same budgeting & debt payoff sheets that private VIP clients receive


Topics covered:

Module 1: Mindset & Manifesting Money

Module 2: Budgeting

Module 3: Cutting Costs

Module 4: Savings & Bank Accounts

Module 5: Ditching Debt

Module 6: Re-Learning How & When to Spend

Module 7: Increasing Income

Module 8: Best Practices- Tips & Tricks for Getting Rich


Bonus Lesson #1: Leveling Up To Attract Wealth

Bonus Lesson #2: Teaching Kids About Money

Bonus Lesson #3: Credit Cards 101

EXTRA Bonuses only for those who sign up today:

Bonus Lesson #4: Getting Your Partner On Board

Bonus Lesson #5: Launching Your Side Hustle



11 results you can expect:

  1. A reboot of your mindset

  2. The ability to shine light on your shadows (aka your mental blocks) through journal prompts

  3. A clear, simple, personalized budgeting sheet

  4. An attainable, realistic, and exciting plan for getting out of debt

  5. Tons of ways to save up to pay IN CASH for that vacation you've been daydreaming about

  6. A real, actual emergency fund with real, actual money in it

  7. The ability to live the rest of your life without relying on credit cards

  8. A starter plan for saving for retirement

  9. Printable sheets to easily track of your debt, spending & saving

  10. The ability to make smart financial decisions on your own

  11. The knowledge to know how to read your body to know when its a good idea to purchase something


what you’ll learn

*The slides were designed by this mega cutie who just so happens to be my awesome husband

Here’s a breakdown of the modules & bonuses

  • Module 1: Mindset- You’ll learn why mindset is the foundation of wealth, my proven 7-step method for mastering your mindset, the broke person mistakes you’re making & how to fix them, staying motivated, and the most profound money lessons I’ve ever learned

  • Module 2: Budgeting- I teach you how to do a financial audit of your own current situation, how to build a budget, the mistakes you’re likely making when budgeting, how to save for vacations/holidays/birthdays/big events, tips & tricks to make budgeting easy, and how to handle irregular income

  • Module 3: Cutting Costs- When to cut costs & when to increase income (and why it matters), 50 EASY ways to lower your monthly expenses by hundreds, take the quiz “are you a brokeass bee?” to see how many broke tendencies you have, learn how to be frugal

  • Module 4: Savings & Bank Accounts- Alyssa talks about why saving is important for wealth, frequently asked questions about saving, exactly how much you need in your emergency fund, the 6 bank accounts every wealthy person has, what to look for in a bank, and 3 ways to easily save $2k this year

  • Module 5: Ditching Debt- Discover how to create your debt payoff plan, 10 ways to pay off your debt STAT, what to look for when borrowing money, and when it DOESN’T make sense to pay off your debt

  • Module 6: Re-Learning How & When to Spend- Learn the basics of how & when to spend, common mistakes people make when making big purchases, retraining your brain, EXACTLY how I stopped my shopping addiction & cut my frivolous shopping by 90%, the importance of rewarding yourself, and my very best spending hacks

  • Module 7: Increasing Income- After you’ve cut out your excess expenses, you may find that you still need more money to hit your goals. This module will teach you how to bring in extra money with minimal effort, and has inspired hundreds of women to start their own side hustles!

  • Module 8: Best Practices- Tips & Tricks for Getting Rich- I teach you my best practices with money, the art of negotiating, when to save vs when to invest in yourself, understanding the differences between frugal & cheap, and how to create sustainable growth with massive results

It’s all about the bonuses

  • Bonus Lesson #1: Leveling Up To Attract Wealth- Alyssa walks through free ways that you can level up, manifest whatever you want, increase enjoyment in your life & effortlessly attract more wealth (value $111)

  • Bonus Lesson #2: Teaching Kids About Money- Whether you have children or eventually plan to, this lesson will allow you to change the future of your family by teaching kiddos about money, from allowance, to openly talking about finances, to money lessons for any age, to saving up for their first car (valued at $111)

  • Bonus Lesson #3: Credit Cards 101- When you should & should not be using your card, what to look for when opening a card, credit card hacks, and how to compare credit cards (valued at $111)

  • Bonus Lesson #4: Getting Your Partner On Board- Money fights are the number 1 reason for divorce, Alyssa shows you how to communicate with your partner about money so that you can tackle your finances together! We also chat about the accounts you & your partner should share, and when you should combine finances (valued at $111)

  • Bonus Lesson #5: Launching Your Side Hustle- Alyssa walks you through the most important aspects of turning your side hustle into something highly lucrative (valued at $450)

  • Bonus #6- Over 30 coloring pages & phone backgrounds (valued at $130)

    ****That’s $1,024 in free add-ons just for being in this first round of women!

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>

HOW DO I KNOW IF ITS RIGHT FOR ME? If there are at least 3 modules above that you’d like to know more about, this course will be a good investment. I want to ensure that this is the best money you’ve ever spent on yourself, so I won’t sell it to you unless you actually need it!

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

So here’s the pricing

Two payment options to enroll with these benefits:

-LIFETIME ACCESS to 8 modules teaching you EVERY aspect of money ($825 value)

-5 brand new bonus lessons on talking with your partner about money, credit cards 101, teaching kids about money, leveling up to attract wealth, and tips for starting your own biz ($895 value)

-30+ coloring pages & phone backgrounds ($130 value)

-Lifetime access to a private Facebook community for the women who have taken this course aka my “money bees”

-Access to budgeting & debt payoff sheets that only my VIP clients receive ($50 value)

* TOTAL VALUE: $1,900 *


Your investment:

Option 1: Pay in full $697 USD


Option 2: 3 monthly payments of $275 USD

Add on: Private 90 minute intensive with Alyssa for $250 USD that is ONLY available to you, my money bees (value $750)


Magnolia’s gotta know, ARE you ready *finally* win with money?



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