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We intend to offer you a simple, easy, and fun process for upleveling your space to embody the energy you would like to convey. You may have an idea in mind, or you may want us to start from scratch. Whichever it is, this is a process you will enjoy. Guaranteed.

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We'll co-create a space that is set with intention down to the tiniest detail. From designing, to organizing, to removing micro-stressors, the overall intention is to create harmony and energetic flow within your home. Combined with your own personal intention for the space, we create spaces that support creativity and clarity for everyone in the home.

What's Included:
· An initial 90 minute of consultation, based on answers from questionnaire.

· Post-consult email with notes.

· Complete shopping lists for your room.

 · Receive inspiration boards for your room(s) with ideas & overall layout

· Sketches of where to place items

· “To-do next” list for your space

· OPTIONAL ADD ON: $75 for an Ergonomic Assessment of your workspace for optimal neck, back, body pain management. Completed by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Andrew Hammond.

If your space is an Airbnb:
 ·  Receive a full review with suggested edits for your Airbnb listing.

 · Before and after photos for Airbnb.

$222 per room


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No! Sacred Spaces can serve your needs in any city around the world. You can book your online consultation via Zoom using the link above! Together we will walk through your house, and you will get the same experience an in-person consultation will receive. 

Do you only serve the San Diego Area?

What does the entire process look like?

First you will book your consultation and prior to our meeting you will fill out a detailed questionnaire. I will either arrive in-person, or we will meet on Zoom for a virtual consultation. During this time we will do a walk-through of the room and together come up with the intention for the space. We'll address what's working, what's not, and how making minor changes can create massive change in your life. I can take the lead here or receive as much input as you would like to give. Following our consultation you will receive your post-consult email with notes, shopping list, "to do next" list, inspo pictures for ideas, sketches of where to place the items, basically, everything you'd need. You can continue to work with me in-person or online for an additional $100 per hour.

$333 per room

*$111 per additional
hour by request.


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Let's work together

· Alyssa will collaborate with your vision, or help you navigate creating a vision. The consult notes she takes will be available to you during and after your work together.

· Alyssa can determine the overall style and colors of space. You may want to participate in deciding or let Alyssa fully guide you.

· You and Alyssa will discuss immediate areas to address and necessary changes to make to the space what you want.

· Receive detailed consult notes on your space available to you during and after your work together.

· Alyssa will send you information about pieces she finds for your room.

· For a well-rounded understanding of the major pieces needed for the space.

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An initial 1 hour and 30 minutes of in-person or online consultation.

Post-consult email with notes.

Complete shopping lists for your rooms.

Receive complete Pinterest boards for your room(s) with ideas & inspo.

Sketches of where to place items.

“To-do next” list for your space.

 Receive a full review with suggested edits for your Airbnb listing.

 Before and after photos for Airbnb.

· Receive sketches of your uniquely crafted space and where to put everything!

· Save your energy! Alyssa will send you a specific to-do list for your space to get it up and running in no time.

· Alyssa will write a full review on your home's Airbnb page to optimize the strategy for appealing to your customers.

· Receive beautiful Before and After shots for your Airbnb listing. 

Is it an Airbnb?

Hi! I'm Alyssa Hammond. I started Sacred Spaces after I began renovating houses and realized the major impact you can have on the energy of a space by setting it with conscious intention. For spiritual individuals, we know how important it is that a space sparks inspiration, creativity, and is conducive to our energetic needs. At Sacred Spaces, we put energy into every detail to create the space of your dreams. We create homes you can kick back in. Homes that you walk into and feel an instant calm connectedness to your surroundings.

Aside from Sacred Spaces, I am a wealth coach for entrepreneurs, I specialize in helping make businesses profitable and sticking to the budget. Designing your space and staying in budget is a fun challenge for me! We prioritize Earth & Eco-friendly options always.

We are based in San Diego, California, and work within the state of California. If you are outside of California and still want to work with us, please message us for more information.

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- Majored in Architecture & Environmental Design
- I have studied energy and creating sacred spaces the last 5 years.
- Fully DIY renovated and rented out two large houses using our
  Sacred Spaces Design method.

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