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Rachel- Business Coach. NEW YORK, NY

Before working with Alyssa, I was making good money in my business, and piling all of it in my checking account. Investments, bills, traveling & taxes were all mixed together and I was always anxious about what I needed to save vs what I was able to spend. But after enlisting in Alyssa’s help, the anxiety was washed away. She helped simplify money & make it fun, which was a missing part of the puzzle!


SofiA- holisitic nutritionist/personal trainer. toronto, ca

You need Alyssa as your money/life coach! She has completely changed my perspective in life not only with my finances but with who I am and what I can accomplish.
I first bumped into Alyssa because I was trying to pay off some debts while finishing off school and so when her women's group opportunity came up I knew I had to take the chance. I had no clue how I'd pay for it or anything but I knew I had to take the chance!
It ended up being one of the greatest decisions I've made and I ended up getting the money for it and plus some once I started with her as my money coach.
Now I can honestly say that Alyssa has become more than just a money/ life coach to me and I definitely see her more as role model in my life.
Whatever it is that might be keeping you fearful or holding back, I guarantee if you take the chance to work with Alyssa it'll be the best personal investment you can make!


Kasey- Hair stylist. Frederick, Maryland

I highly recommend Alyssa as your money coach! I was having a lot of organization issues with my money and not tracking it the way I should and she was able to help me understand how to keep track the correct way and how to have everything set up so that I don’t keep having those issues.
I loved the group training so much because it makes you realize that you aren’t alone and other people are also having the same issues and questions that you are having.
I’m so excited to pay down the debt I have and have my savings account ready for any trip or emergency that comes my way!! So if you are looking for a coach, Alyssa is your girl and can help you get your money in gear! I recommend her one on one video calls and the group live calls!


Katherine- actress. harlem, ny

Alyssa is such an amazing coach and person. She gently leads you to places of healing and growth and goes at your pace while still making sure you're pushing yourself in a healthy way. Cannot recommend her enough!


Caitlin- foreign exchange specialist. pittsburgh, PA

Before working with Alyssa I felt bogged down by debt, bills and as though I was making no progress towards my long-term savings goals. Like many, I was relying on credit cards as an emergency backup plan and ended up in a vicious cycle of applying the savings I did have toward my debt. Overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, I came across a glowing review for Alyssa on my Instagram feed and decided to give it a shot. Looking back now I never would have thought that single commitment could change my life so much. 

I have been working with Alyssa for almost 5 months now and in this time frame I have paid off almost $6,000 in debt, cut back over $1,000 in my monthly spending, surpassed my first emergency savings goal of $1,000, started funding a vacation savings plan, transitioned all bills from credit cards to my personal accounts, and completely changed my mindset on money management. The short-term financial investment into money coaching doesn't even compare to the financial freedom I'll see in my future because of her help. Alyssa has given me the confidence and knowledge to continue this momentum and is always reminding me to reward myself for every goal accomplished, big and small. Our talks have transitioned from fixing my present financial situation to setting myself up for success long-term and on the days I need more life coaching than money talks, she is always happy to open her heart and mind to be a friend. She is genuine, kind, hilarious and full of love - everything this world needs more of. I can honestly say I have loved working with Alyssa and can say with confidence that you will too!

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Emily- Actress. Richmond, VA

Oh my gosh what isn't amazing about Alyssa! The "basic" details: with her help, I paid off two credit cards, went from $18 in the bank to over $1800 in savings, and paid off my car one month early (when I started with her, I was two months behind). Not only will she help you get to the nitty gritty of your finances and finally take control of them, but Alyssa offers so much more than just money tips. She's truly the "No nonsense BFF" that I've always needed, plus she's always down to talk dogs, home décor, or quote Mean Girls. Aside from me wanting to move to Maryland to be her "real life" friend, she has truly helped me reframe how I view my finances and grasp my full potential when it comes to handling them. Now when I have extra money handy, I view it as opportunities for my future, when in the past I'd view it as fun spending money for impulse purchases. Don't get me wrong, I still love to shop, but I have changed my perspective to really view spending and purchases in a long-term manner. I also love how Alyssa never judged me or made me feel like my goals were silly or unnecessary. She simply listened to my goals and helped me find the best route FOR ME! As a full-time student and freelance worker, I had random sources of income that were never consistent, and she was able to help me sit down and organize everything in an easy-to-understand manner. With that being said, if I can afford a money coach, anyone can. Honestly, I couldn't afford NOT to hire Alyssa - and now my life and future is forever changed. I can't wait to see how my finances change during Round 2 with Alyssa (yes, I hired her twice!).


Kathryn- Personal Trainer. Arlington, VA

Alyssa and I started working together back in August 2018, right around the time when I was about to move, my car had been broken into, and I was throwing a huge surprise anniversary party for my parents. Truly a time of madness and feeling so unsure about money and how I would afford everything. 

In just 6 months Alyssa not only has become a friend but has also helped me pay off one of my credit cards, put $4,000 into savings, figure out ways to make more money (yes to all the side hustles!!), and to set up a budget that makes me feel confident about my money. Alyssa is an amazing human and friend but an even more amazing life/ money coach! Most of our time together we worked on aspects of money and having a better mindset with it, but there were also days where she listened to me vent about life and how everything will be okay in the bigger picture. I highly recommend her services, plus if you ever need a good laugh just follow her instagram account and she will have you laughing so hard you're crying!

Katie Schopp

KaTie- Stay at Home MOM. Lafayette, IN

I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone that is like me and feels like they're just coasting by, paying all the bills, but not really having a budget or a plan to better your financial situation. When I first started working with her, we we're overspending every single month and digging into our savings that my husband works hard every summer to build. It made me sick to see how much of our savings was gone by the end of the school year, and I felt like I didn't really have anything to show for it. 

While we worked together, Alyssa helped me make a plan for all of the money that was coming in. I was able to pay off several credit cards, and make a plan to pay off our student loans, all while building an emergency fund. I felt like I wasn't trying to figure out money all by myself anymore, and I left most of our sessions feeling awesome (Alyssa has a way about her that just makes you feel good). I know the reasons people hesitate when thinking about hiring her- you might already be struggling monthly, so how are you going to pay her? But after pulling the trigger and going for it, I can promise that you can't afford NOT to work with her. She. Can. Help. You. You can stop feeling like you're drowning alone.


Kayleigh- Marketing Manager. new york, new york

I can't say enough about how incredible of a coach (and more importantly, person) Alyssa is. She's been helping me get my finances together for the past eight months and has become more than a coach, but a friend. She's especially good at meeting you where you are - a quality that is not always common but is so important in a coach. I've always been hard on myself about my finances and spending habits, but Alyssa has always been empathetic and has never made me feel judged. She's helped me make realistic plans, held me accountable for them, and given me a lot of hope where I pretty much had none before. I feel like I'm in the best place I've ever been financially, and while I still have a lot of work to do, Alyssa has given me the knowledge, tools, motivation, and confidence I need to manage my finances on my own for the long term. 

All in all, Alyssa is a lovely person and a truly effective coach (for all things, not just finances). I'm constantly impressed with how good and kind of a person she is, how easy she is to talk to, and how dedicated she is to my success and happiness. I really can't recommend her enough - truly anyone would benefit by working with her!


Kelsey- Accountant. SEattle, Washington

I have worked with Alyssa over the past 5 months and it has legitimately been life changing. She has pushed and challenged my way of thinking and self awareness in ways I never could have done on my own. She is amazingly understanding, yet strong and bold in her techniques. Not only am I lucky enough to have a great coach in my corner for all areas of my life, but her genuine and caring nature are attributes that will make her a life-long friend.


Lindsay- FITNESS COACH. Baltimore, MD

I've been wanting to get my finances in order for some time now. And when I heard a podcast saying to hire a money coach, Alyssa came to mind. In short, Alyssa's money coaching has helped improve my outlook on money and my marriage (I know, crazy right? My husband and I fought about my mismanagement of finances all the time, but not anymore). She's nothing short of amazing and inspirational. Helps adjust to my unique needs, circumstances and mindset. I now have a small savings and am not struggling paycheck to paycheck. We have goals set up for 2018 & thanks to her i know I will achieve them all. I HIGHLY recommend her for any money & life coaching, she's phenomenal.


Erin- Graphic Designer. San Francisco, California

I had the very valuable opportunity of receiving financial coaching from Alyssa about 8 months ago, when I decided I wanted to start saving for a house. I liked the holistic approach Alyssa used to help me reach my financial goals. Aside from helping me breakdown my monthly saving/spending habits, she also helped me realize that the health of my relationships, mentality, and body can affect my financial health as well. She has an ability of being honest and forthright without ever making you feel uncomfortable or judged. She makes you feel like you're not alone, no matter what you're going through, and shows genuine interest in your life.

She helped me set up a challenging yet realistic plan to start saving for a house. I found the challenge to be motivating - plus, having someone to report my achievements to gave me an extra boost of inspiration. Since my sessions with Alyssa, I have been able to consistently reach my monthly contributions to my house-fund. Working with her helped me in more ways that just financially... I would definitely recommend her for any money/life coaching needs!


Kelsy- Graphic Designer. Annapolis, Maryland

Alyssa is incredible at what she does. You can really tell that helping people is her passion, and she genuinely cares about the well being of others. It's so easy to get stuck in one mindset, and she has a way of opening your mind to find your potential. And she always asks the right questions to get to the root of the problem. She has an amazing perspective on life and finding happiness...I always feel better after talking to her!

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Kelsey- Marketing Business owner. NEw York, NEw york

There are many wonderful coaches out there but Alyssa is one of those rare and magical ones that you seek advice from for life. Lucky enough to have called her my friend for almost two decades, I have also worked with Alyssa as a client and believe that her sincere integrity and intuition is unmatched. She has an innate ability to meet you where you are and articulate effectively and productively. Working with her is easy because she operates from a place of realism and no personal agenda while holding you accountable and empowering you to be your best self. Her understanding of emotional intelligence and coaching, in general, has helped to propel her into being a credible force and expert in this area. If you're seeking something but don't know where to start, Alyssa will help you get there!



Alyssa has been one of my most trusted confidants ever since we met in college. She can always be relied upon for objective, logical advice and is the most honest person I know. Whether the topic is dating, family, or careers, she has valuable input on all dimensions of life. Conflict resolution is one of her greatest strengths, and I've always admired her ability to deescalate emotional situations. She has the ideal outlook and insight to make a lifelong profession out of giving advice.